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Water tank for St Mary’s Chapel

INANAM: – Faithful of St Mary’s Chapel, Kionsom as well as pupils of Tadika Merpati Putih now need not worry about no water from their pipe, thanks to the generosity of Datuk William Majimbun.

The Inanam people’s community leader (PPM) donated a 900 litres water tanks for storing of water for use of the chapel and the kindergarten.

Like the villagers, the chapel depend on pipe water supplies by gravity system from a stream uphill in Kampung Kiapad.

“When water level is low, no water coming out of the pipe,” St Mary’s KUK chairperson Alice D William said.

Pemaju Mukim Jonathan Damian represented William Majimbun in handing the tank, received by Catechist Hendry Sodikit and Alice.

“This is an on going financial assistance to houses of worship provided by the Inanam PPM office,” William Majimbun said.

He said the St Marcellinus Church Minintod also received RM50,000 for it’s fencing and canopy.

The PPM office will also be spending RM120,000 for the construction of parking for the Sabah Adventist Church, Menggatal, works to begin January.

The church also received public address system equipment costing RM5,000.

“Several projects for the betterment of the community will be implemented in 2024,” William Majimbun said.

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