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Sarawak’s pragmatic approach to development: Balancing federal and state politics for progress

KOTA KINABALU: Sarawak’s pragmatic approach to federal and state politics has greatly contributed to its focus on developing the state.

Sabah Justice of Peace Datuk James Ligunjang said by working closely with the federal government while maintaining a strong state agenda, Sarawak has been able to prioritise its own development goals and address the unique needs of its people.

He said one of the key factors in Sarawak’s progress towards becoming a developed state is its emphasis on infrastructure development.

The state government has been proactive in constructing and upgrading roads, bridges, airports, and other essential facilities to improve connectivity within Sarawak.

“This not only enhances transportation and logistics capabilities but also promotes economic growth and attracts investment, ” Ligunjang today.

According to the ex assemblyman for Petagas, Sarawak has actively pursued sustainable development initiatives. The state government recognises the importance of preserving the environment while pursuing economic growth.

Through initiatives such as the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE), Sarawak aims to position itself as a regional hub for clean energy production and industrialisation.

“Another significant aspect of Sarawak’s approach is its focus on human capital development, ” he added.

The state government has invested in education and skills training programs to equip the local workforce with the necessary knowledge and skills for employment in emerging industries.

This not only ensures a competent workforce but also creates opportunities for Sarawakians to participate in the state’s development.

Sarawak has prioritised the development of its rural areas, recognising the importance of inclusivity and balanced regional growth. The government has implemented various initiatives to improve access to basic amenities, healthcare, and education in remote areas.

This approach aims to uplift the quality of life for all Sarawakians, regardless of location.

Sarawak’s pragmatic approach to federal and state politics, coupled with its focus on infrastructure development, sustainable initiatives, human capital development, and rural development, puts the state on track to become a developed state in the near future.

Ligunjang said,” Sabah bila lagi.”

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