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Op Selamat 21 records 14 deaths, 1,203 accidents on its fourth day

KUALA LUMPUR – Nationwide police traffic operation Op Selamat 21 has recorded a total of 14 fatalities during the Chinese New Year period so far, police said.

The Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department said 1,203 accident cases were also seen since the operation’s start on February 8 (Thursday), marking the fourth day of the initiative coinciding with the festivities.

The department said a total of 1,480 vehicles were involved in road accidents throughout the period.

The fatal accidents were predominantly recorded on federal roads, with five cases, followed by four cases on state roads, two on highways, one on municipal roads, and two on other roads.

“All road users, including pedestrians, bicycle riders, and motorcycle users, must collaborate to decrease the incidence of road accidents, particularly those resulting in fatalities.”

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Razarudin Husain previously said that this edition of Op Selamat adheres to the theme Rumah Selamat, Sampai ke Destinasi (safe home, reaching the destination safely). 

He highlighted the operation’s goals to ensure smooth traffic flow, reduce road accidents, protect property and homes, and minimise house break-ins during the festive period. – PDRMsia_official

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