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What’s the story?

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If you used to dismiss fries as junk food, it was perhaps they used to come in inconvenient little packets that just tickled your taste buds.

Well, here’s something for you to reconsider your prejudice.

Instead of tiny packs like that in the foreground, fries and all manner of crispy snacks now come in ginormous bags that are guarantee your cravings.

I remember vacationing years ago and came across tempting packaging of snack food, fries included.

They were not just packed in giant bags.

There were those that came in giant bags consisting of 19 or 20 smaller packets of different snacks and flavours.

I remember wondering why such obviously more convenient packaging wasn’t seen here in Sabah.

My simplistic business thinking supposed large-size packaging encourages bigger consumption and should be a good idea.

But it was an idea that remained illusive for decades.

It got me thinking that we in Sabah have been left behind and still blissfully unaware.

The proof is in the few seconds of images in the official video accompanying the Sabah State Anthem Sabah Tanahairku.

What caught my eye was the image of our diesel-powered railcar going at a speed that belonged to the Charles Chaplin era.

This is the era of high speeds, be it with our WiFi or trains of airplanes.

Trains symbolises the high speed variety like those linking Bandung-Jakarta or Laos-China.

But we chose to put on display an out of date rail crate that symbolised everything obsolete.

What’s wrong with us?

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