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Sg Rawog Conservation Scientific Seminar

KOTA KINABALU: Some 200 participants from various agencies in Sabah attended the Seminar on Sg Rawog Conservation Area Scientific Expedition ver. 2.0, jointly organized by KTS Plantation Sdn. Bhd. and the Sabah Forestry Department. 

It was officiated by the Chief Conservator of Forests, Datuk Frederick Kugan. The seminar served as a platform to disseminate comparative and additional research findings from the expedition held in September 2023 and the first expedition in 2018. 

In this one-day seminar, a keynote presentation with 19 oral papers and 17 posters on Sg Rawog forest ecosystems, physical sciences, plant and wildlife diversity, and tourism potentials was presented. 

The information compiled from the seminar will be used as a guide to further enhance the conservation area and will definitely contribute towards the future plan of this area. 

This signifies the smart partnership between the state government through the Sabah Forestry Department and the private sector in sustainable forest management, working hand-in-hand with other agencies, as advocated by the Chief Minister of Sabah.
Biodiversity documentation and dissemination of information from the Sg Rawog Conservation Area are in line with the Heart of Borneo Initiative, which emphasises forest conservation and the establishment of wildlife connectivity. 

Central to the HoB Initiative is the state government’s policy of conserving its natural ecosystems through protected areas. 

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