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Water supplies by tankers to villagers affected by water shortage due to drought in Kiulu

KIULU: Kiulu Community Development Leader (PPM) Golubi Guntarek has refuted allegations suggesting indifference towards the water supply problem affecting villages here.

He urged opposing parties not to politicise the matter at hand and emphasised the importance of doing thorough fact-finding before making any charges about inaction or ineffective solutions.

This response comes in the wake of a statement by Tuaran Warisan Deputy Head Jamuntai Lahoi, who claimed that the Sabah Public Works Ministry and the Kiulu Assemblyman Datuk Joniston Bangkuai were ineffective in supplying water to affected villagers.

Jamuntai also claimed that villagers were upset with the statement by Sabah Public Works Minister Datuk Shahelmy Yahya, suggesting that they fetch water from the Tamparuli District Office.

Golubi said following the water problems experienced by several villages in Kiulu due to drought, Joniston had personally visited the affected areas to assess the situation and listened to recommendations from villagers.

In response to their concerns, the Kiulu assemblyman, through the UPPM office, the Kiulu Assemblyman Service Centre and the Kiulu sub-district office promptly arranged for water tanks to be sent to villagers with no water supply to alleviate the problem.

Addressing Shahelmy’s statement regarding water accessibility, Golubi said that allowing villagers to fetch treated water at the Tamparuli District Office is one of the several options provided to assist those in need.

He stressed villagers should be empowered with various options to obtain their water sources, highlighting that more choices lead to better overall solutions.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for our people to access clean water. The goal is to provide them with multiple options,” he said.

“As we all know Joniston is someone born and raised in Kiulu, and understand the challenges faced by his constituents firsthand.

“Criticism from the opposition is inevitable, but it is apparent his focus remains on serving the needs of the people.”

Meanwhile, Village Development and Security Committees (JKKK) in Kiulu have lauded their state assemblyman for his swift response following his ground visit.

“The water delivery on the initiative of our Assemblyman is very commendable, especially in Kampung Kelawat,” said the village’s JKKK chairman Thomas Sugara.

“We understand it is very difficult to meet the needs of everyone who requires water because it’s not just this village that is experiencing water problems, but at least there is water available for temporary needs,” he added.

Kampung Simpangan Lama JKKK chairman Lazilix Taipin said that water delivery was promptly executed after a recent meeting at the Kiulu sub-district office, countering claims of no water being sent directly to the affected area.

“The water delivery process has been efficient, and this needs to be continued, especially in the upper part of Kampung Simpangan Lama Sokid,” he added.

Kampung Tomis Baru JKKK chairman Irenen Sompun also conveyed appreciation to Joniston for promptly dispatching water following his visit to the village.

“The community deeply appreciates this prompt response and hope that this water delivery will continue,” she echoed

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