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Kitapol, Tibabar hopes Hajiji’s “magic touch” to help realise their 60-year-old dreams

Tomis-Kitapol-Tibabar-Ranap road needs urgent maintenance.

KIULU: More than 600 residents of Kampung Kitapol and Tibabar are hoping for the “magic touch” of Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor, known for his dedication to addressing the concerns of the people, in order to accelerate the road improvement initiative for Tomis-Kitapol-Tibabar-Ranap.

This road frequently sustains damages, particularly in the rainy season.

Following Sabah’s independence approximately six decades ago, the villagers there nurture a hope that they will eventually witness the advantages of progress, particularly the improvement of the dilapidated road connecting the villages to Kiulu or Tamparuli town.

The natural charm of Kitapol and Tibabar villages is preserved, with pristine rivers flowing through them.

Nevertheless, the inhabitants of these villages are facing significant challenges due to the deteriorating condition of the main road that connects to their homes.

Loduma Dungui and Simon Molubi

Loduma Dungui, a retired government officer and resident of Tibabar, stated that the villagers have harbored aspirations for quite some time regarding the development of a better road to facilitate their activities in the neighboring town of Kiulu, such as accessing the hospital and school.

The residents have lodged their grievances through their elected officials to the governing bodies on numerous occasions in the past.

Nevertheless, a satisfactory resolution is yet to be provided.

Our village has been visited by several leaders, including a former deputy minister of rural development from the federal government. However, the promises made to us have been nothing more than empty words, just like the Promise of Tarang Bulan,” he stated.

Therefore, Laduma, who has the support of the Kiulu Social Media Group, hopes that the Chief Minister will take their appeal into consideration and fulfill their aspirations.

Recently, Hajiji announced that the Sabah government will continue to prioritize the management of the economy in line with the commitment and determination to make the Sabah Maju Jaya (SMJ) plan a success. The state recorded a revenue collection of RM6.973 billion last year.

“With a strong financial position, the residents of Tibabar and Kitapol Kiulu are hopeful to benefit (not to be left out) from the upcoming development projects,” Laduma expressed.

Simon Molubi, a resident of Kitapol, shared the same sentiment as Laduma.

Simon emphasized that the appeals of the residents of Kitapol and Tibabar should not be disregarded.

“We have been waiting for 60 years for the road to Kitapol and Tibabar to be upgraded or paved, and it would be ideal if this project could commence before the upcoming State Election (PRN).

“This is our hope, as well as the hope of the people of Kiulu…Ini kali la dan bukan lain kali la,” Simon, who is also the Vice President of the Kadazandusun Sabah Welfare and Education Association (PEKADIN), expressed.

Currently, the Kiulu state constituency s represented by Datuk Joniston Bangkuai, while the Tuaran Parliament is represented by Datuk Wilfred Madius Tangau.

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