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Hatred  is a live coal in the heart, it is damaging

By CC Pung
Justice of Peace , Tokoh Wartawan Sabah and Labuan. Dose of his philosophical musings.

SOME socks sold at a supermarket chain were found to have the word ‘Allah’ on them.

This is not acceptable to Muslims.

It’s easy to assume that subscribers to any other religion would be offered to see their deities name or image tarnished or printed in unsightly places.

What jumped out, to me, is how come only five pairs when the chain has hundreds of other outlets?

Another point is about the guy who ‘discovered’ those socks and posted it on social media.

This person has a reputation.

I hope the investigating officers are clever.

I tried to read all the comments.

But that’s impossible given the emotion it has stirred up and the narrative shifting to allegation that non Muslims (the supermarket chain owners are Chinese from Sarawak) are deliberately insulting Islam, which is Malaysia’s official religion.

It has also led to arguments between Malay Muslim politicians on the same side of the aisle and on opposite sides.

The supermarket chain has apologised.

But it hasn’t calmed the situation as calls for boycott rang louder as some haters suggested the chain to consider another business.

What is conspicuously missing almost aĺl the noises is the idea of forgiveness.

Doesn’t Allah encourage forgiveness?

I don’t want to go there because I’m not Muslim and haters don’t appreciate the views of kafir.

To me, I learnt unfortunately a little late in my life that unforgiveness is hate, and hate is damaging and it affected only me.

I could clench my fist and swear the most creative curses but the person I hated just went right on living while my days, and my life, were ruined.

Muslims are offended.

That’s not questioned.

They can be excused for the superlatives hurled against the supermarket chain and its owners.

It’s more than just contempt or anger. It is more than just the defense of Allah.

What manifested is HATE.

I think that’s where the red line is. Hate is all-consuming once the line is breached.

It eats up your common sense, and whatever love and decency in you, even your ability to think sanely.

History records of multiple millions want only killed in the years of inquisition followed by years of retaliation all in the upholding and defense of the Divine.

Hate is a slippery slope. Yes, you may hurt your enemies (real or perceived) on your way down. But try to remember that you’re going down too.

Forgive. Step aside. Let God take over

Editor: The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of Talantang.

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