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I used Waze recently for the first time in a while.

As I was grinning listening to the mechanical femine voice and its weird pronunciation of local street names, I recalled that Waze is an Israeli creation and the inventor even had past Association with the Israeli secret service.

Then, of course, I remember not being aware of any calls for boycott of the app in Malaysia.
Since last October when supporters of Palestians initiated all sorts of boycott against products, businessrs having links to or with Israel, Waze appeared to have been spared.

Or is it because only dinosaurs like me are still on Waze while others moved on to new apps?
Waze has been acquired by Google.

I thought its Jewish roots would have made it an object of boycott. McDonalds, Starbucks and Nestle are also facing boycott. But i don’t know why.

Are they all Jewish-owned? Jewish technology and inventions are everywhere in the market, from inside our IT gadgets to top-end medical equipment.

With the Jewish dominance in international capital and excellence in science and stuff, it is not easy to identify Jewish finger prints in the global supply chain.

Waze or not. Jewish or not. I wish everyone would jusr pray for peace in Gaza and not be unwittingly drawn into spreading the hate language and vile rhetoric of both sides of this conflict.

No matter how you articulate and what part of history you chose to back your argument, it surely hasn’t altered your belief in the sanctity of life.

Has it?

How do you support killing and retaliation in Gaza, then turn to me and say “We Malaysians of different ethnicities and religions must strive to live in peace, harmony and respect for each other’.


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