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Shafie asks why is Sawit Kinabalu in rice project

KOTA KINABALU : Opposition leader Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal questioned the state government’s decision to collaborate with Sawit Kinabalu in a 100-acre rice project in Kota Marudu.

Looking at the potential of agriculture activities in the state to eradicate poverty, Shafie said the government need to take comprehensive approach to address the issue, and look at various steps to take advantage of the fertile soil conditions in the state.

“I have suggested before to revive Lembaga Padi and I also saw in the TYT’s speech that there is a 100-acre rice project in Kota Marudu, in collaboration with Sawit Kinabalu.

“Why must Sawit Kinabalu? The state government must look into this. I am suggesting don’t involve Sawit Kinabalu because this GLC is for oil palm cultivation.

“Go downstream for palm oil products. We need to focus on downstream to provide job opportunities in an effort to eradicate poverty.

“We know that Sawit Kinabalu is a GLC that has the ability to place our palm oil in a better position, better than Sarawak, better than the peninsula,” he said in his debate speech at the State Asembly sitting on Monday.

Shafie also suggested to the state government not only to examine which areas are suitable for agriculture, but to map out, make long-term and short-term plans in agriculture.

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