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Crucial need to improve connecticity within KPEC

Nikko Fabian
KOTA KINABALU :  It is crucial to improve the connectivity within the Kudat-Palawan Economic Corridor (KPEC) through the establishment of ferry services between Kudat Port and Brooke’s Point Port in Palawan.

BIMP-EAGA Business Council Sabah (BEBC-Sabah) Chairman Dr Raymond Alfred emphasised the significant move towards enhancing economic connectivity and fostering socio-economic development.

“The proposed ferry service aims to enhance socio-economic activities between the two regions and facilitate trade and tourism exchanges, ” he said on Saturday.

A recent technical visit by Raymond  and his delegation to Palawan underscored the importance of improving connectivity to support the growing population and economic demands within the KPEC.

The Kudat-Palawan Economic Corridor, spanning five districts in Malaysia and several regions in the Philippines, is poised to become a bustling trade and economic zone in the Asian region.

“The introduction of ferry services between Kudat and Brooke’s Point is seen as a strategic step to bolster economic ties and promote sustainable development in the area,” Raymond said.

Raymond  also highlighted the necessity of preparing Kudat and Brooke’s Point for the anticipated economic shifts that will impact trade routes, tourism, and energy demands.

The establishment of ferry services is expected to play a pivotal role in facilitating the movement of goods, people, and services between the two regions, thereby stimulating economic growth and supporting sustainable livelihoods.

To ensure the success of the ferry services, he said strategic policies, financial support, and collaborative efforts from both Malaysia and the Philippines are essential.

According to him, the initiative also aligns with the vision of promoting green and renewable energy sources, strengthening aqua-agriculture programs, and fostering sustainable economic activities within the KPEC.

The commitment to establish ferry services between Kudat and Brooke’s Point reflects a proactive approach towards enhancing regional connectivity, promoting economic development, and addressing poverty issues in Kudat, Kota Marudu, Pitas, and surrounding districts.

The initiative is set to create new opportunities for trade, tourism, and socio-economic growth, positioning the Kudat-Palawan Economic Corridor as a key player in the BIMP EAGA region.

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