Monday, June 17, 2024

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Light at the end of  the tunnel. Just follow the silver lining.

By Datuk James Ligunjang J P
Ex Petagas Assemblyman

The Chief Minister, Cabinet members, and the State Attorney General have affirmed their support for the SLS action, a decision we must accept in good faith.

Let us acknowledge both the positive and negative aspects of the situation, and work towards reconciliation and unity.

The incidents that have occurred cannot be undone, and we must not dwell on excuses.

As Sabahans, it is crucial for us to prioritize the bigger picture. Our state requires us to stand united and resolute in claiming what is rightfully ours.

Let us view this setback as an opportunity to regroup, face challenges together, and move forward in solidarity.

May the good lord bless Sabah and its people.

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