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LPKP Sabah open probe on truck incident  in Sukau Village – Vivian Wong

Nikko Fabian
SANDAKAN : Sabah Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board (LPKP) chairperson Vivian Wong Shir Yee instructed relevant agrncies  to immediately conduct a probe involving a lorry that crashed into Sukau village’s ‘Welcome Arch’ here recently.

“The investigation will determine the cause of the May 24 accident and proper action be taken against the culprit…the culpable party should also repair promptly the damaged property,” Vivian who is also Sandakan MP said in a statement.

On May 24, a report surfaced regarding an incident where a truck crashed into the gate of Sukau Village in Sabah.

The video of the incident quickly went viral on social media platforms.

The incident, as reported, was attributed to the driver’s negligence, who failed to notice that the dump truck being driven had lifted itself, leading to the crash into the entrance gate of Sukau.

Fortunately, there were no injuries to other road users near the scene of the incident.

Further scrutiny by LPKP Sabah revealed that the involved truck held an active Class A driver’s license under LPKP Sabah, owned by a company based in Bukit Garam, Kinabatangan, operating across Sabah and the Federal Territory of Labuan.

In response to the incident, Vivian emphasized the importance of vehicle owners, whether companies or individuals, to exercise vigilance and ensure that their vehicles are always in optimal condition through regular inspections.

She also stressed the need for hiring drivers who can handle vehicles safely to prevent such unwanted incidents.

In the event of negligence leading to accidents, Vivian asserted that strict actions would be taken against the parties involved based on the powers vested in her under the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board Act 1987 (Act 334).

Moreover, addressing the queries regarding the repair of the damaged gate, she urged the responsible company to take responsibility for repairing the gate promptly and coordinate with the relevant local authorities to restore it swiftly, as it serves as a landmark for tourism in Sukau.

Towards this end, Vivian called upon all road users to adhere to existing regulations to prevent untoward incidents on the roads.

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