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Kudat-Palawan sea link will boost economic activity

Razanah Paimin…the sea link is poised to stimulate economic growth, foster trade relations, and elevate the economic landscape of Kudat and the broader region

Nikko Fabian
KOTA KINABALU : The State Government plans to establish a sea link between Kudat and Palawan in the Philippines has garnered positive reception from various stakeholders, including businessmen, traders, investors, and the local community.

The proposed sea link aims to revitalise Kudat’s economy by facilitating ferry services and reviving barter trading activities.

The strategic move to enhance entrepreneurship activities in Kudat was announced Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor on Wednesday.

Establishing a port in Kudat would not only stimulate the town’s economy but also serve as a crucial berthing point for ships traveling from southern Mindanao to Labuan.

The envisioned port in Kudat is set to be equipped with essential facilities such as Customs, Immigration, Quarantine, and Security checkpoints.

Discussions have also been held with relevant authorities to address security concerns and ensure the smooth operation of the sea link.

Furthermore, the Sabah Government’s “Sabah First” policy underscores the importance of prioritizing local interests in all endeavors, including business ventures.

Foreign and non-Sabah investors seeking to establish businesses in Sabah are required to have local Sabah interests holding a 30% stake in the venture, aligning with the government’s commitment to safeguarding Sabah’s interests.

The Sabah Cross Border Trade Association (SCBTA), led by President Razanah Paimin, has expressed optimism about the potential economic benefits that the Kudat-Palawan sea link could bring.

Members of the association believe that this initiative will lead to increased economic activities in Kudat, ultimately boosting revenue for the district and improving the standard of living for its residents.

Razanah highlighted the advantageous position of Sabah in trading with Palawan, citing the demand for Sabah’s fresh produce, eggs, farm meat, and other essential commodities in Palawan. The currency exchange rate and other factors further enhance Sabah’s competitiveness in the trading relationship with Palawan.

With the targeted commencement of ferry services before the end of the year, the establishment of the Kudat-Palawan sea link is poised to stimulate economic growth, foster trade relations, and elevate the economic landscape of Kudat and the broader region.

This strategic initiative reflects the government’s commitment to promoting economic development and enhancing cross-border trade opportunities.

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