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The weakening political support of WARISAN, unlikely victorious in the upcoming PRU17

KOTA KINABALU:- Datuk James Ligunjang says it is unlikely for Parti Warisan to emerge victorious in the upcoming PRU17 on its own.

The former assemblyman for Petagas opined that without forming any alliances, Warisan will face a challenging battle to retain its traditional seats.

Competing against GAGASAN/GRS, BN/UMNO, HARAPAN, PN in Muslim-dominated constituencies, and facing tough competition from PBS/STAR(GRS) in KDM-dominated areas, as well as from SAPP/GRS and DAP/HARAPAN in Chinese-dominated areas.

According to him Warisan secured a significant number of seats in PRU 16 due to strong anti-BN sentiments, particularly towards UMNO, which many Sabahans viewed as colonialist and corrupt.

However, Warisan’s alliance with UMNO to overthrow the GRS government in 2020 has alienated many of its supporters who once believed in its core principles of ‘Sabah for Sabahans’ and ‘Sabah kita Punya’.

“The GRS coalition, comprised of local parties, now appears to embody the ‘Sabah for Sabahans’ slogan more effectively than Warisan,” Ligunjang said.

The GRS government’s emphasis on MA63 has garnered considerable respect from Sabahans, potentially bolstering its support in the upcoming PRU17.

Additionally, GRS’s prudent economic policies aimed at enhancing the state’s revenue sources have gained significant backing from both the public and business community.

“In light of these factors, GRS seems to hold a considerable advantage heading into the upcoming state election and may be well-positioned to secure victory and form the state government post-PRU17,” Ligunjang added.

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