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Strategic plan to elevate Kiulu’s economic status

Joniston receiving souvenirs from organising chairman Matius Juanis at the launch of Mukim Nabalu Kaamatan Festival at Pekan Nabalu.

KIULU: – Datuk Joniston Bangkuai has outlined a strategic plan to elevate Kiulu’s economic status, aligning closely with the Sabah Maju Jaya (SMJ) development plan.

The Kiulu assemblyman said this comprehensive strategy would leverage Kiulu’s strengths in tourism and agriculture, and eventually manufacturing to bring the district to new heights.

Emphasising the immense potential Kiulu holds, Joniston highlighted that Kiulu has established itself as a shining example of successful rural destinations and community-based tourism.

“We must aim to build on this success, especially when agriculture is also our key strength, with pineapple being the main crop,” he said at the launch of Mukim Nabalu Kaamatan Festival at Pekan Nabalu, on Saturday.

Joniston mingles with a villager at the Mukim Nabalu Kaamatan Festival at Pekan Nabalu.

“Our agricultural sector has shown great promise, and we need to capitalise on this,” he said, adding that he would be apportioning a substantial amount of his ADUN allocation to repair and build agricultural roads in the constituency.

Preliminary discussions with the Kiulu Sub-District office and People Development Leader (UPPM) office revealed that Kiulu has more than 70 agricultural roads.

By advancing their agricultural sector, Joniston explained Kiulu creates opportunities to explore manufacturing that would not only add value to their produce but also create jobs and stimulate local businesses.

He said such a vision aligns perfectly with the SMJ development direction, stressing the integrated approach of enhancing tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing is key to Kiulu’s future prosperity.

With each sector supporting the others, Joniston believed Kiulu could achieve balanced development for all, revealing that rural tourism in Kiulu has generated some 400 employment opportunities.

He said that considering the large pineapple plantation in Kiulu, especially in the Mukim Nabalu, it is not impossible for the area to venture into manufacturing one day with the setting up of a pineapple factory.

Joniston at the launch of Mukim Nabalu Kaamatan  at Pekan Nabalu.

Meanwhile, the Mukim Nabalu Kaamatan organising chairman, Matius Juanis, said the Mukim community fully supports Joniston’s economic vision to empower the people.

Representing 15 villages in the Mukim, Matius is confident that what Joniston has planned for Kiulu would benefit the community immensely.

“His vision aligns with what we have been hoping for,” he said.

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