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The weight of history on the shoulders of all Malaysians – Ligunjang

KOTA KINABALU: A Sabah Justice of Peace today said the provisions of Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63) carry immense importance.

Datuk James Ligunjang pointed out that it is our present-day political leaders who bear the responsibility of ensuring its resolution and implementation.

“The King’s speech at the opening of Parliament, on 26th February 2024, explicitly emphasised the crucial role that the resolution and implementation of MA63 play in the betterment of our nation, ” the former assemblyman for Petagas said in a statement.

He said the Prime Minister has also stressed the sacrifices and dedication of those who signed the agreement, highlighting the responsibility of all Malaysians to faithfully adhere to the terms outlined in MA63.

“There should be no further negotiations or manipulations regarding the content of the Malaysia Agreement 1963, ” Ligunjang said.

According to him, the focus now should solely be on implementing the agreed-upon provisions.

This change in approach is particularly significant for the states of Sabah and Sarawak, which have felt disappointed and let down by the Federal Government’s non-compliance with the MA63 for the past 60 years.

“Instead of sincerely implementing MA63, UMNO leaders had cunningly amended the Federal Constitution to diminish the sovereignty of both Sabah and Sarawak as states under the Federation of Malaya, thereby betraying MA63, ” he added.

Acknowledging the sense of betrayal, the implementation of MA63 will bring about positive changes for Sabah and Sarawak.

Ligunjang said these states have long awaited the fulfillment of the commitments made in this agreement, and it is crucial that their aspirations are recognized and honored.

“By faithfully implementing MA63, we can rectify the past non-compliance and bridge the gap between the Federal Government and the expectations of these two states.”

“The weight of history falls heavily upon us. The successful implementation of MA63 will not only heal the wounds of past grievances but also demonstrate the unity and strength of our nation,” he said

Ligunjang added that It is a crucial step towards fostering harmonious relations between all Malaysians and ensuring equal opportunities and rights for every citizen of our great country.

“We must rise to this monumental task, free from any prejudice or self-interest, and collectively work towards the fulfillment of MA63 for the prosperity and well-being of our nation.”

“One nation, one people.”

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