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The institutional reforms needs support – Tangau

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred Madius Tangau said the four main Institutional Reforms proposed by by the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) are apt and needs support from all concerned.

The Tuaran member of Parliament said four Institutional Reforms are: Independent and Strong Parliment; Independent and Strong Institutions; Electoral and Political System; and Government Oversight and Transparency.

“I had the opportunity to be with my fellow MPs to join IDEAS and CSOs in the launching of the 11 Institutional Reforma struggle held at the Parliment Building yesterday ” Tangau said in a statement.

He said under Independent and Strong Parliment, there are two main reforms namely; firstly, Re-enacting Parliamentary Services Act; and secondly, empowering Member of Parliment by way of equal constituency development funding (CDF).

Under Independent and Strong Institutions, there are three main reforms namely: firstly, Strengthening Independence of the MACC; secondly, Seperation of AG and 00’s roles; and thirdly; Enacting Ombudsman Act.

Under Electoral and Political System, there are four main reforms needed namely; firstly, Regulating Constituency Development Fund; secondly, Strengthening Election Offences Act; Thirdly, Enacting Political Financing Act; fourthly, Reforming Election Commissioner Appointment Peocess.

Under Government Oversight and Transparency, there are also four main reforms, namely: firstly, Enacting Asset Declaration Act; Secondly Enacting Government Procurement Act; thirdly, Enacting Freedom of Information Act and; finally fourthly, Amending Shiatleblower Protection Act.

“So all there are 11 institutional reforms that are being pursued IDEAS with their Civil Society Organization (CSOs) partners and some Members of Parliment (MPs) particularly from the Parliamentary Select Committee on Institutional Reforms, Chaired by YB Selayang (William Leong) as well as from the Caucus on Political Funding of which I am a member, Chaired by YB Subang (YB Wong Chen) and YB Indera Mahkota (YB Saifudin Abdullah), YB Julau (YB Datuk Larry Soon) and YB Ledang,” Tangau said.

“We will be promoting these reforms and hopefully the Madani government will eventually implemnt it, ” he added

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