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The significance for Sabah to celebrate Sabah Independence Day on 31st August 2023.


Sabah Independence Day would mark the day when Sabah formally became an independent state within the Federation of Malaysia. It would symbolize the end of British colonial rule and the beginning of self-governance for Sabah.

Celebrating Sabah Independence Day would highlight the unique cultural identity of the state and its people. It would allow Sabahans to showcase their distinct traditions, heritage, and contributions to the nation.

By commemorating our own independence, Sabah would emphasize its autonomy and self-determination as a state. It would serve as a reminder of our ability to govern ourselves and make decisions that shape our own future.

Celebrating Sabah Independence Day alongside Malaysia’s National Day on 31st August would foster unity, harmony, and national integration. It would encourage us to reflect upon our shared history and common aspirations with other states in Malaysia.

The celebration of Sabah Independence Day could serve as an opportunity for us to showcase the state’s economic potential, attract investments, promote tourism, and highlight developmental projects that have positively impacted the lives of Sabahans.

The significance of celebrating Sabah Independence Day on 31st August 2023 would lie in honoring Sabah’s history, affirming its identity, promoting unity, and highlighting the state’s journey towards self-governance and development within the wider Malaysian context.

Sabahans,let us move forward in dignity, pride and respect.

Happy Independence Day.

J. Ligunjang JP
MySabah ❤
31st August 2023.

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