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Enjoy The Circle Game

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Watching the Grammy Award show and Joni Michell singing ‘Both Sides Now’ jolted old and defining songs in my head.

For reasons unclear, ‘Both Sides Now’ were among songs that I somehow could relate to in the years when I was just beginning to learn English.

 I must also thank the DJs of old in Radio Malaysia who had the connection and taste to be spinning undanceab LG e songs like those of Joni Mitchell’s along with the more acceptable genre by the likes of The Beatles or Gary and The Pacemakers.

‘The Circle Game’  has been etched into my memory since I first glued my ears to my home radio in the late 60s.

Something about the lyrics drew me, and it was years later that I understood it to be a song about growing, about the passage of time. It’s much like Mitchell’s gentle, caressing look at clouds, love and life in ‘Both Sides Now’.

Mitchell is in her 80s. She sang sitting down.

 It was her first ever appearance at the Grammys.

She deserved every honour.

 Songwriters of her generation took their art to a level that their works transcends the eras.

Please enjoy The Circle Game, and explore other great works of Joni Mitchell. The Circle Game (2021 Remaster).

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